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Mechanical ventilation systems are critical to a healthy, safe working environment and it’s important to install an appropriate system for the size of your building, ventilation for your commercial premises, we are here to help.

We tailor-make solutions for our clients, taking into account the size of their premises as well as the specified budget. We can design and install a solution for both new builds and existing sites, and we have extensive experience working with both home owners as well as some of Australia’s largest contractors, developers and businesses. If you’re looking to improve ventilation and increase the availability of fresh air within your facility, contact Ace Electrix today.

We offer all types of ventilation including: Ducted Ventilation, Air Curtains and Exhaust Systems. Our service offering includes mechanical ventilation solutions for:

Improve Safety – Mechanical Ventilation Systems from Ace Electrix

Mechanical ventilation is extremely important in large factories and underground car parks, as both environments are subject to large amounts of pollution and limited natural ventilation. Before commencing an installation, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your site before designing the right solution for your needs. We have knowledge on all the latest technologies and innovations, and can also assist with specialised filtration, ventilation and control systems.

Installing a mechcanical ventilation system from Ace Electrix will:

  • Cut down on bad odours
  • Remove stale air, pollutants and heat
  • Improve air quality and temperature
  • Reduce the risk of mould
  • Reduce strain on your air conditioning systems

Compliant with Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia

The BCA and Australian Standards both require buildings to meet minimum ventilation standards. All installations carried out by Ace Electrix are compliant with BCA standards as well as AS 1688, 4254 and Minimum Energy Performance Standards regulations. We are passionate about reducing energy costs and bringing you the most technologically advanced products, allowing you to reduce your running costs and environmental footprint as much as possible. You will enjoy excellent efficiency, ventilation and cooling from all systems installed by us.

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