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Diversity defines this lively and exciting place of Blacktown. With several sports facilities and things do here, it’s no wonder why over 45,000 people choose to put down their roots in this suburb.

But all those people can only get the most out of Blacktown if the basics are already covered. There should be minimal or zero electrical malfunctions. Air conditioners should always be reliable because temperatures can reach as high as 29℃.

Blacktown air conditioning services

Whether it’s a ducted or split system AC, it’s important that the unit functions perfectly no matter when you need it. After the excitement watching at the Blacktown Stadium, it’s time to slow down and enjoy home living.

But that’s impossible if the air conditioner’s not working (or it’s just inefficient). That’s why here at Ace Electrix, our licensed air conditioning technicians prioritise performance. We understand that any AC breakdowns will make it really hard to fall asleep at night.

Our team also has extensive experience in handling commercial air conditioning requirements. Performance is also the priority because a perfectly functioning AC could result to higher staff productivity and possibly higher revenues (because customers and clients will feel comfortable in your place). Indeed, a comfortable temperature level is important in the operations of a business.

Blacktown electrical services

Aside from air conditioning, we also have a team who specialises in handling electrical jobs no matter how big or small. Ace Electrix also understands how crucial it is to ensure the entire home or business electrical system is up to safety and performance standards.

Any malfunction in the electrical fixtures and wires could result to business interruptions and significant financial losses. That’s why we take care of residential and commercial electrical work including:

  • Full electrical installations for new structures & renovations
  • House re-wiring and switchboard upgrades
  • Electrical testing and tagging
  • Lighting installations (light fittings, security and outdoor lighting)
  • Electrical maintenance, inspection & repairs

Whether it’s a small electrical repair or a major electrical installation working with other professionals, we’re always careful whenever stepping inside someone’s property. We also integrate smoothly with other tradesmen so the project will be completed on time and on budget.

Blacktown air conditioning and electrical services

Why do we offer these two services? We know it’s just confusing and painful to deal with multiple contractors. The complexity of electrical and air conditioning installations require multiple interactions and possibly longer timelines.

But if these two technical services are just under one roof, it will become a lot easier and smoother. You’ll communicate with fewer people while ensuring the job gets done. This is important in major installations especially when building a new home or a commercial establishment.

We also use our expertise so clients can save on monthly electricity bills. The energy performance of your electrical system and air conditioning depends on proper installation of the units and fixtures. Also, we install residential and commercial energy saving solutions such as LED lighting, power factor correction and energy management systems.

Contact us today and let us take care of the full electrical and air conditioning installations. Our licensed electricians and technicians also perform repairs, upgrades, replacements and inspections. Whether you’re a homeowner, estate agent, builder or a project manager, our services will always be prompt and affordable.

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