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Paddington is populated with people who wear sharp suits. Anyone can sense that they are always ready to move forward and get ahead. It’s just moments away from the business district, which is why the atmosphere here is always ambitious and busy.

But after work and during a break or the weekends, professionals deserve to get what they need and want from the shops along the Oxford Street. Or, just get away from Paddington for a while through the Edgecliff, Oxford Street or Five Ways.

Paddington complete electrical services

But no matter how much people work or stay outdoors, up to 90 per cent of the time is still being spent indoors. As a result, it’s very important that the electrical fixtures and the entire system work perfectly so that you won’t be experiencing much stress or inconvenience especially after a long day of work.

That’s why here at Ace Electrix, our priority since 2005 has always been on electrical safety, reliability and performance. In each electrical installation we always adhere to the highest standards to prolong the electrical assets and ensure their performance in residential and commercial premises.

Our domestic and commercial electricians perform the following:

  • Partial or complete rewiring
  • Switchboard upgrade
  • Lighting installation
  • Appliance installation
  • Installation of power points, light fittings and other electrical fixtures
  • Telephone and data cabling

We also perform repairs and electrical testing and tagging. Whether it’s for a single home or large commercial building, we have the technical expertise to work on various requirements. Whether it’s an office, shopping centre, hotel or an industrial complex, our team can do the full electrical installation, inspection, repair or maintenance. We work closely with builders and contractors to finish each project on budget and right on schedule.

Our licensed electricians can also install energy saving solutions including LED lighting, power factor correction, solar power, smart technologies and energy management systems. This way you or your clients can gain monthly energy savings for many years to come.

Paddington air conditioning services

Aside from electrical services, Ace Electrix also has technical expertise in air conditioning and ventilation systems. With air conditioning and electrical services under one roof, you only have to coordinate with one team to complete a complex residential or commercial project.

Whether it’s installation or maintenance, our technical team can work on the entire system to ensure the comfort of occupants and commercial tenants. After all, a reliable electrical and air conditioning system is crucial in productivity. Any failure in these systems can mean huge losses of revenues and customers.

Our licensed air conditioning systems can install and maintain both split and ducted systems. For ducted systems, we can neatly install the vents in the floors and ceilings so that the entire setup will look clean and tidy. For split systems, we can position them strategically for good aesthetics and maximum energy performance.

Paddington air conditioning and electrical services

Reliable electrical and air conditioning systems are vital in busy places such as Paddington. Any failure or malfunction can result to huge inconveniences and losses in productivity and opportunities.

Here at Ace Electrix, we minimise those malfunctions and failures through proper installation and adherence to the highest standards. We also perform prompt maintenance to ensure perfect function of electrical fixtures and air conditioning units. And in case the malfunctions occur, we are quick to act so that you or your clients can resume to their original activities.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your project requirements. We have the technical expertise and logistical capabilities to handle both small and large assignments. Here at Ace Electrix, you will gain peace of mind because of our professional approach in doing business.

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