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It’s an active and busy life here at Surry Hills. The abundance of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and other excellent facilities makes us realise that we really have little time after work. There’s just not enough time for the things we want to do and explore.

But that little free time even gets less or becomes less enjoyable because of air conditioner malfunctions or electrical issues. Whether it’s due to improper installation or natural deterioration, it’s a huge inconvenience to all including residents, families, property managers and business owners.

Surry Hills electrical services

Convenient access to transport is out of the question because most Surry Hills residents walk to work. But it’s a totally different case when it comes to electrical services. It’s not that easy to find a great electrician who can execute the work flawlessly.

Good news is here at Ace Electrix, we have qualified and experienced electricians who always conduct themselves professionally from start to finish. Whether it’s new installation or repair, our professional electricians ensure performance and safety.

Our domestic and commercial electricians do the following:

  • Full house rewiring
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Installation of appliances and additional power points
  • Lighting installation
  • Telephone and data cabling

We also handle complex electrical installation projects for the completion of offices, shopping centres, industrial complexes, hotels and other commercial facilities. We integrate smoothly with contractors, businesses and builders so that the project will be completed on budget and right on schedule. In each step we adhere to the strict requirements and standards of each construction or renovation project.

Aside from electrical installation and repair, we also take measures to prolong the lifespan of electrical assets. We perform electrical testing and tagging that involves inspecting appliances, cords, power boards and other electrical fixtures. We specifically look out for signs of malfunction and deterioration and identify any vulnerable point in the electrical network.

We also understand that electricity costs won’t get lower anytime soon, which is why we also implement energy saving solutions upon the request of a residential or commercial client. We can install solar power, power factor correction, LED lighting, energy management systems and smart technologies to bring down your energy consumption.

Surry Hills air conditioning services

Our technical services go beyond electrical installation and repair. That’s because many builders and contractors know how hard it is to coordinate various teams to complete a project. As a result, they hire us here at Ace Electrix to take care both of electrical and air conditioning installation. After all, these two technical services are heavily connected to each other.

Many builders and contractors now only work with one team to complete the air conditioning and electrical installations for residential, commercial or mixed-use projects. They could now save time and focus on other important aspects of the project.

Whether it’s a split or a ducted system, we can perform a complete installation while ensuring energy efficiency. We can neatly install the air conditioners and vents so that the entire place will look tidy. Aside from installations, we can perform regular maintenance as well so that the air conditioning and ventilation systems are running at their optimal capacity and efficiency.

Surry Hills air conditioning and electrical services

Here at Ace Electrix, we offer complete residential and commercial services when it comes to electrical and air conditioning installations (we also do repairs, upgrades, inspections and maintenance). Our priority since 2005 has always been on safety, performance and longevity.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your project requirements. Whether it’s an individual or integrated service, our licensed electricians and/or air conditioning technicians can complete the assignment safely and cost effectively.

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